Patent contested by Sokymat issues to Trovan’s benefit


February 24, 2003

Munich, Germany --
Trovan, Ltd. is pleased to announce that on January 2, 2003 the European Patent Office granted patent EP 0588 944, entitled “An Improved Miniature Transponder Device,” to Algernon Promotions Ltd. Trovan, Ltd. holds the exclusive license for this patent from Algernon.

Sokymat SA has attempted to prevent the issuance of this patent for several years through the German courts. Sokymat argued that Ake Gustafson was the inventor of the technology described in the patent, and subsequently back-pedalled to claim that he was at least co-inventor of the technology in question. Upon examination of the evidence, the Court has rejected Sokymat’s claims.

Separately, Sokymat has lost multiple appeals in U.S. courts relating to the U.S. counterpart of patent EP 0588 944.

Sokymat SA has marketed infringing products based on Trovan’s technology for a number of years. Patent EP 0588 944 describes the so-called “direct bonding” technology that has been used in a number of core Sokymat products including ignition immobilizers sold to the automotive industry and miniature glass-encapsulated animal implantable transponders. These products have been sold by Sokymat customers under their own brand names as well as by Sokymat directly.

Trovan and its partners will vigorously enforce their rights to the technology against infringers.

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