Banfield The Pet Hospital stops marketing ISO microchip

May 14, 2004

A spokesperson for Banfield The Pet Hospital, which has locations in PetSmart stores throughout the United States, has confirmed that the company has stopped marketing their ISO FDX-B microchips.

On April 21, a pit bull was euthanized in a Virginia shelter, because the animal’s Banfield-supplied chip was not compatible with the shelter’s reader. Inquiries by journalists confirmed that none of the area’s shelters was using compatible readers.

Mark Kumpf, President of the Virginia AnimalControl Association, said: “HSUS, ASPCA, NACA, and other national animal care and control organizations have issued a warning to pet owners that new ISO microchips offered by Banfield and other pet hospitals may place your pets at risk.” Rick Collord, Former Chairman, Society of Animal Welfare Administrators, Microchip Committee, explained that “With the use of this incompatible technology, and without scanners in widespread use that can read all three chips accurately, thoroughly and precisely, the new ISO chip is a detriment."

Dr. Jamie Rees of Banfield stated that “Banfield has chosen the new ISO chip and scanner because it is the new technology that is what the rest of the world is using.”

Although ISO FDX-B microchips are being used in some European countries and parts of Australia, acceptance of ISO FDX-B microchips is not universal and the standard on which they are based continues to generate controversy, in part due to concerns about ID code duplication.


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